Simple Apple Crisp Recipe

So you have lots of apples lying around your kitchen and you don't how to use them? Why not make apple crisp - everybody loves apple crisp. Just follow this great simple apple crisp recipe. It will take you around 20 minutes to make enough apple crisp for six people or servings.

For This Apple Crisp Recipe You Will Need:

4 cups sliced apples - use 4 medium tart apples
3/4 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup all-purpose flour (you can also use self rising flour if you want)
1/2 cup quick-cooking or old-fashioned oats
1/3 cup melted butter or margarine
3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
3/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg

If you want you can also use cream or Ice cream.

This apple crisp recipe only has three steps :)

1. First, heat your oven to 375F. Then take a 8-inch square pan and grease it with shortening.

2. Take all your sliced apples and spread them in the pan. Then take a medium sized bowl and mix in all the remaining ingredients - packed brown sugar, all-purpose flour, oats, melted butter or margarine, ground cinnamon and ground nutmeg. When its well mixed, sprinkle them over the apples.

3. Put the baking pan into the oven and bake for like 30 minutes. It's alway hard to wait for the apple crisp to be finished :) How you know it's done? The topping should be golden brown and apples should be tender when you pierce them with a knife or a fork.

When your apple crisp is done you can cover it with ice cream or cream. We hope you enjoyed this apple crisp recipe.

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Anna Carlson 13.09.2008. 11:03

you may also use ZUCCINNI instead of apples

Kate 07.01.2009. 16:06

Ummm great recipe but 1/3 cup butter thats alot of fat. Did you know that butter is only the extras that you get from milk, I just couldnt see myself actually putting that much fat down my throat because it tastes good. Maybe try making a recipe with less fat in it, then you would have a total homerun in my eyes!!!

ps. dont take this personaly its just a fact.


Arlene Darttwhy 16.03.2010. 10:12

why does the crisp always get so hard & crunchy

James 25.08.2010. 15:29

Questions from Kate and Arlene regarding the “Simple Apple Crisp Recipe.”

Dear Kate: Fat is your friend, sugar is your enemy. Without enough fat in your diet, you gallbladder will back it in. And, quite frankly, the best way to liberate yourself of fat is to eat fat—try dissolving fat with water, it does not work. Eons ago, the “skim milk’ was thrown away because it had no food value, although the beer brewery, Guinness, still uses skim milk’s high sugar content in making the company’s beer.

Dear Arlene: The flour and sugar makes the crisp hard and crunchy. Try doubling the oatmeal, and cutting the flour in half, but leave the sugar quantity the same (it will create almost the same volume).


ally 31.08.2010. 06:31

I think this is great recipe, and most baking calls for alot of butter. If people are that concerned about their daily fat intake, they shouldn't be eating apple crisp or any other baked goods.

erin 03.09.2010. 13:57

hmmmmmm, i dont think the above comment was necessary, ALL baking consists of fat and sugar. PERIOD. dont eat dessert if you dont want to 'shove that much fat down your throat'

thanks for this quick and easy recipe!!!

Harrison 15.09.2010. 19:52

We chose this recipe because it has only 'three easy steps' but each step contained several steps. We recommend at least 6 steps. Don't lie to us!
On the healthy eating tips: you could use splenda instead of sugar and we find that olive oil is a great fat-free substitute for butter. Highly recommended!!!
Bon Appetit!

Jeanne 19.09.2010. 06:42

I made this and it turned out great. Just a quick comment back at Kate about fat content...keep in mind, that 1/3 cup of butter is not in just one serving of this yummy dessert, but is spread throughout the whole dish. If you have a small serving, you only get a fraction of the butter.

Anonymous 19.09.2010. 09:07


Melanie 24.09.2010. 18:28

Did you mean to write TRANS fat-free substitute Harrison? Olive Oil is full fat too. I can't imagine a crisp without butter. Butter tastes best.
To reduce the fat per serving try adding more apple. Then you will get less buttery crumble per same size serving.

Anonymous 24.09.2010. 22:50

really splenda and olive oil whats next desserts are supposed to be sweet and fattening just watch your intake of them and its fine

Leah 25.09.2010. 23:37

Great recipe! And so easy :)
About the butter is there to be enjoyed (especially dessert), so enjoy it and quit worrying about a little bit of fat content. The stress will kill you before the fat does!

Nicky Saunders-Recknagle 26.09.2010. 16:53

Hey there,

It seems like 4 apples makes a ton! I used about 3.5 apples and still had way more apples than there was enough topping for. Should I be doubling the topping? I used Gala apples and they were probably medium sized.


Nicole 01.10.2010. 15:54

I loved the topping on this crisp. I added a few frozen blueberries to the apples, makes for a nice colorful crisp.

sugarbranch 02.10.2010. 11:08

If you are worried about the fat, try replacing half of the butter with coconut oil and get some good omega3's while you are at it. Butter is far better health wise than margarine. Your body needs fat to live, your body needs good cholesterol as well. Stevia is a natural sugar swapper if you do not want sugar in your diet and not the artificial sweetner that will kill you in the long run. We can use whole grain flour and steel cut oats as well. I also add a little flax seed...mmmm

mjoy 03.10.2010. 12:09

great recipe!! easy to follow and looks and taste wonderful! Things I found .. i cut up four apples, not four cups, but 4 apples was plenty, also I doubles the recipe to cover all the apples, i also sprinkled mixed sugar and cinnamon on the apples when they were in the pan. i also let it bake for 40 mins. the recipe alone is great but these are just some small things i switched personally. Enjoy Enjoy!!

Baron von Butterworth 03.10.2010. 20:38

There is no such thing as too much butter.

I would rather make something the way it was intended and eat in small servings than eat a bucket of fat-free garbage.

There is no such thing as too much butter.

kelcraw 04.10.2010. 13:29

Since when is olive oil fat free? Just asking

we 3 04.10.2010. 15:46

hey the recipie was great for the kids i watched they loved it! it was quick and easy and might i add delisiouse!! thank u :)

Yvonne 07.10.2010. 06:22

I for one think that this was a great recipe, and if you sit and think about it a second, everything we eat these days are not supposed to be good enough for us. I appreciate the time it took and kindness in it for sending us all this recipe so we coud try. Why be critical ... Life is too short and sweet!

john 08.10.2010. 14:49

since when is olive oil fat free... if you dont want the fat go eat a carrot

Evelyn 18.10.2010. 18:30

Yeah, Kate is a bit of an idiot.

amanda 27.10.2010. 17:12

i love the recipe but how much does this recipe how many ppl can it serve

Reni 31.10.2010. 14:02

Great recipe. I just added a coupke of cranberries because I had them on hand. Great fast easy recipe for a snowy day like today!
P.S. 1/3 cup butter is not all that much unless you are eating the whole pan yourself. lol....

Jessica 28.12.2010. 13:21

This is a great recipe

Liz 30.12.2010. 01:13

You could also use a 1 to 1 swap of puree fruit (usually apple sauce though) for a substitute for oils not really sure why you would want to though, some times it's the fat that makes the recipe what it is.

Like they say "everything in moderation" because even the most perfect recipe, like this one without the butter, can still pack a nasty punch if you over do it.

Alana 11.01.2011. 14:15

Can you substitute real apples for canned apples?

Delina 12.01.2011. 12:50

lol Kate, 1/3 of a cup of fat per recipe... that is very little fat unless you plan on eating the whole thing at once. Per serving it's only as much butter as you'd put on a slice of toast. Just saying.

Dennis 17.01.2011. 17:08

what a great recipe use it all the time thank you for it

Me 18.02.2011. 19:04

Perhaps you should all worry about yourselves a little more and a little less about Kate. She did say her post was not meant to offend so why continue to rant about someone that is merely worried about her health? Just saying.. :)

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