Apple Crisp

What is apple crisp you ask? It's a dessert (also called Apple crumble in the United Kingdom) that is made out of baked apples covered with crispy crust.

Apple crisp comes from the United States. We are not sure just how old apple crisp and apple crisp recipes are, but we think it is a pretty new dessert. You could say it evolved out of apple pudding, apple cobbler and apple pie.

Although apple crisp is new, it is already one of the favorite things to bake at home. Especially in the fall when there are lots and lots of apples available. Why is it so popular? It tastes delicious...duh!! :) And it's easy to make. Two things that can't do a recipe no harm. And if you start adding ice cream to apple crisp you know you have a winner :)!

What generally goes into apple crisp? The usual ingredients are of course apples, then you also need flour, sugar, butter, cinnamon, and often oats and brown sugar.

Although it is called apple crisp this dessert can also be made using other fruits such as peaches, berries, pears, etc.

Anyway, we like it. We like it a lot. We like it so much we made a site about it :) So if you are looking for apple crisp recipes, look no further - just browse our website and enjoy your apples.

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Katelyn Matthews 07.10.2008. 18:49

I love the recipe for apple crisp. When I tasted it, I felt like I was in Heven. GREAT RECIPE!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 25.09.2010. 17:34

I loved it

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